“These are the kids that were staging shows in their backyards and tapping the grade-school cafeteria table in time with the music in their heads. Strangely, the same atmosphere still persists: the performance proves to be not only a collaboration between the artists onstage but a conduit of energy between the performers and the audience as well.”
– Las Vegas Dance Insider

Originally posted on The Las Vegas Dance Insider:

A tap dancer, a hand percussionist and a human beat box walk into a bar. The bar has no stools  and the wall behind it is covered with cryptic graffiti in gratuitously bright colors. Oh, and it’s on a stage. Did I forget to mention that?

Welcome to the Insurgo Bastard Theater and a Molodi show, complete with unpredictability and a nod to the avant garde.

Molodi, a group of performers specializing in extreme body percussion, was started in 2000 by Jason Nious and is a diverse faction to begin with. However, the one-night performance on May 20 showcased more than their classic “Raw Footage” showcase. (Their signature show had been performed early that night.)

Also featured was the group’s experimental dive into the world of collaboration through a show called “Molodi Presents,” showcasing the work of other performers throughout Las Vegas.

Guest artists included Harmony Costa’s group Soul Steppers…

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In depth with The TapArtist, Chris Rutledge

2013 ARTIST Checklist

1. Find your voice
2. Don’t TALK about it, BE about it
3. 100% proof, no chaser

Chris has been an ARTIST with Molodi since 2007. Check out more of his work on his website —

Commit and carry on… Love, peace and B Strong!


Molodi + The GadjiO Project take on Mr. Paganini

If STEPPING and GYPSY JAZZ had a baby it would be the TOOTSIE ROLL!

Deliciously crisp choreography, body percussion and stepping by Jason NiousAntwan Davis and Angie Freeman. Stellar-as-usual django representation by Sami Saula and incredible vocals/cello by Shana Tucker.


A note to ARTISTS

So you’ve had major successes, accomplished 90% of your bucket list, became the greatest at…Something.   And now, what?

ARTISTS create change directly to another human being by making a connection, by being genuine.   At times you WILL be criticized for your art!   So what!   Continue to take risks, be willing to be criticized and be willing to fail.   It comes with the territory.  “Do your best work, hit return and submit it.”   Know that you have done your genuine best and realize that your art is not always meant for the masses.  When you reach that small group of people who actually take the 5 minutes out of their day to look at what you’ve created, be appreciative of them and know that your work has been done.   Commit and carry on…

Love, peace and B strong!


Spending time with Khalid!!!

From Khalid-

Well the tour is pretty fast pace. Hitting major cities across North America averaging a city every 4 days. 12,000.00 seats sold out every night. The hotels change, the scenery changes, the energy of each city differs and food options varies which
creates bad eating habits if you’re not careful.

Although the things that remain constant are the people who surround me and share the same reality or
false reality however you wanna look at it.
The music and the show for the most part and of course the undeniable fans who cheer on his name every
night as we share the spirit and message of Michael Jackson. The one and only King of Pop.

I couldn’t imagine a more productive and fulfilling way to spend this past year than traveling America’s biggest
arenas and most popular cities and dancing on stage with the World’s leading production show
currently ranked #1 as the highest grossing American Tour and #3 in the world next to Pink Floyd and Bruce Springstein

It’s been a long time coming but now i can sit back and enjoy this great ride.


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Indian Summer Festival of Dance & Music

Chris will be participating in the INDIAN SUMMER Festival of Dance & Music, Blue13 dance company & Dance Conservatory of Pasadena is collaborating together for a Summertime benefit celebrating National Dance Day and an amazing charity, The National Kidney Foundation. For information on the the dance company or the event check out,