A note to ARTISTS

So you’ve had major successes, accomplished 90% of your bucket list, became the greatest at…Something.   And now, what?

ARTISTS create change directly to another human being by making a connection, by being genuine.   At times you WILL be criticized for your art!   So what!   Continue to take risks, be willing to be criticized and be willing to fail.   It comes with the territory.  “Do your best work, hit return and submit it.”   Know that you have done your genuine best and realize that your art is not always meant for the masses.  When you reach that small group of people who actually take the 5 minutes out of their day to look at what you’ve created, be appreciative of them and know that your work has been done.   Commit and carry on…

Love, peace and B strong!


Spending time with Khalid!!!

From Khalid-

Well the tour is pretty fast pace. Hitting major cities across North America averaging a city every 4 days. 12,000.00 seats sold out every night. The hotels change, the scenery changes, the energy of each city differs and food options varies which
creates bad eating habits if you’re not careful.

Although the things that remain constant are the people who surround me and share the same reality or
false reality however you wanna look at it.
The music and the show for the most part and of course the undeniable fans who cheer on his name every
night as we share the spirit and message of Michael Jackson. The one and only King of Pop.

I couldn’t imagine a more productive and fulfilling way to spend this past year than traveling America’s biggest
arenas and most popular cities and dancing on stage with the World’s leading production show
currently ranked #1 as the highest grossing American Tour and #3 in the world next to Pink Floyd and Bruce Springstein

It’s been a long time coming but now i can sit back and enjoy this great ride.


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Indian Summer Festival of Dance & Music

Chris will be participating in the INDIAN SUMMER Festival of Dance & Music, Blue13 dance company & Dance Conservatory of Pasadena is collaborating together for a Summertime benefit celebrating National Dance Day and an amazing charity, The National Kidney Foundation. For information on the the dance company or the event check out, www.blue13dance.com www.dancepasadena.com


Next Stops

Khalid and the Mj tour are tearing through the U.S. The tour is on fire, full arenas, great reviews, and great shows. Khalid wanted to let everyone know about their next stops.

Next Stop:
Cleveland July 17-18
Chicago July 20-21
Ottawa July 24-25
Toronto July 27-28
Buffalo July 31-Aug 1 (possible)
Boston Aug 3-4
Vancouver Aug 9-11
Los Angeles Aug 14-15
Mexico City Aug 24-Sept 2

If you don’t see your city on this list…we already went there
or we are not going because these are the last dates on the
North American tour. Once we hit Europe we go on to Asia
and South America etc…


Cj3 40 feet tall!!

So we mentioned that Italian recording artist Tiziano Ferro has a body percussion piece in his show and our own CJ3 choreographed it! This is from a recent Tiziano Ferro concert.
Chris! This is kinda fly!

“Just the ‘ole run of the mill italian body percussion piece on 40′ screens!”

Jason on the Cover of Forbes Magazine

A few characters from Zarkana were featured on the Russia’s Forbes Women  magazine cover recently. I hope you can guess which one is Jason. The show will be in New York this summer at Radio City Music Hall, it’s a show you do not want to miss. Big shout out to Jason and Zarkana on their success and congratulation on the cover. Can’t wait to see you in Las Vegas in October.

Updates #3

Harmony’s new career as a Dj is growing at a rapid rate. Harmony is growing and showing with a regular gig in West Hollywood plus doing guest Dj spots around L.A. She’s also beginning an internship at MoreHouse Records. The Revolution and Evolution of Harmony. and Harmony the Creator. This post is about a person on a mission to fulfill dream and achieve happiness.

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From Micah-
I auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance, held a couple of workshops with some big heads. Hefa Tuita, one of Chris Brown dancers and singer and choreographer Tiffany Dunn. I also taught at a University of Utah dance spring intensive..

Updates #2

After Chris’s trip to Italy he came back to L.A with a renewed purpose. Peep this

Along with performing, teaching and putting together choreography, Chris would like to reintroduce the you to another of his personas The Tapartist, Chris is infusing the CJ3 style of music with canvas and paint.

If you haven’t seen had the pleasure to meet the Chris or seen him make a piece in person. Take a look at some of his work.. CJ3 art and some more art.